Virgin Island in Bantayan is the BestThe island main beach or white sand is just about the size of two baseball court.

Virgin Island in Bantayan is the BestThere are local residence that required P50 entrance fee for each visitors

Virgin Island in Bantayan is the Best
There are cottage available so you need to bring food since it is more expensive here.

Virgin Island in Bantayan is the BestIf you are working in one of the Philippines call center and experienced everyday pressure from your client then this is the place for you to unwind.

Virgin Island in Bantayan is the Best

Yes this is the best place for island hopping in Bantayan Island. The Virgin island is 30 minutes small boat travel. The worth of the banca or small boat is between 2000 to 3000 depending on the size of the boat as well as number of passenger.

Do not miss this in your itinerary if you plan to visit the town of Sta Fe in Bantayan Island. Other suggested itinerary are:

1. Mangrove farm in Bantayan Town which is about 3o minutes motorcycle ride.
2. The long white beach that stretch from Sta Fe Beach Club to Abanico Beach Resort. You can walk on this white beach while site seeing to the various facilities of each beach resort and restaurant.

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  1. Beach looks very clean there were there any stones or just the pure white sands?

  2. I love bantayan island

  3. sector there is lack of vertical prestressing, grouting pipe is not full, the seams wrong units, Ma surface and north face coats cracks and other defects. Individual processes in place there is not enough

  4. Simple blog but because of the photos it looks great. It is very refreshing! :)Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

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