This morning we visit the Sun Gold to buy cabinet for our family room. The store was located in North Reclamation highway and besides Parkmall. We come here because the content writer from known call center services once told me that the home furniture in Sungold is more affordable than Gaisano and SM.

So we visited the place just to find out that it was closed. We proceed to Parkmall to take lunch and enjoy their aircon. I go to Parkmall customer service and ask which outlet here that offers lunch and free internet. Most of the employees including security guard answer Boss Coffee and Coffee Dream. I know Boss Coffee offered cake but meal so we try Coffee Dream.

And we are lucky to find they have meal package, my favorite banana cake and of course coffee. The best feature in this store is their high speed connection and superb customer service. Although a little expensive Chilled blends and caroot cake make me nevous but it was all acceptable considering we got good internet and rest.

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