Bogo City Park
Lodging House near Bogo Park. P700 per day

St. Louse De Marillac College in Bogo

No problem with Gasoline Station in Bogo. They are open 24 hours

The central terminal in Bogo located near the beach

Going to market

They have dedicated route if you are going to market

Prince Warehouse in Bogo

Street in Bogo

Cebuana Pawnshop in Bogo
Lodging House just at the entrance of the City

Roosevelt College

If you want to visit here and looking for Van for hire with 12 people call me at 09202449658

Banco De Oro in Bogo so no worries with your ATM

Business Street

Transportation inside the City are mostly tricycle

Municipal Building of Bogo City

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  1. Nice photo I’ve been wanting to go to Bogo since recently discovering its existence. I really want to spend some time there soon.

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