This weekend we celebrate the birthday of Lynel and our target is Island hopping.

The following are this to consider when planning for island hopping in Cebu particulary in the islands near Cebu City like Talima, Solfa and San Vicente also known as Olango island.

1. Prepared heavy meals or foods.  If you start on Cebu city you need to find the Lartian food center because friend chicken and puso is the best. There are also some chicken near the lapu lapu shrine.  There are no good water in the island so make sure you need to buy 1 gallon for every 4 person in your company. You need to bring fingerfoods because it takes time to reach the islands. Maybe 15 to 30 minutes.

Do not forget the bring rashguard. There are many jellyfish outdoor. You will fill tolerable pain at the beginning but the next day you will see the rashes in your skin. one to 2 weeks are need to heal this allergy.

2. Ride a taxi or hire a van in Cebu to go to the Hilton wharf. This wharf is located just at the back of Hilton hotel. If you ride a taxi from Cebu city to Lapu lapu - Hilton wharf, it will cost you about P500 but are more than 10 passengers better rent a van with a cost of Php1500 to Php2000 the whole day. The van will wait for you until you return from Island Hopping.

 One of the island known as fish sunctuary. The pamboat owner said the owner of the islands are foreigners married to Filipina.

3. There is a parking  just before the entrance of the Port and it will cost you P20 per hours. If you wanted to be drop inside the wharf, there is an entrance fee of P10 per vehicles inside the port. There you will meet with different boat owner offering their Island hopping service.

(Posted through the effort of our friend the small indoor water features )

 There are about 10 pamboat in these area known as Olango beach resort. Usually, you will see here the Korean and their friends. If you see local then it must be workers from appointment setting call center taking their team building on the sea.

 There are no fee for the kids so they are the only person able to use the sand or beach.

 This is the only island that has sand. You will pay 100 per person if you want to use the sand. If you do not want to pay then stay on the boat and swim on the water.

(thanks also to our friend working in one of the Dubai Hotels for providing foods in the occasion.)

each pamboat are required to have life jacket like this. They do not have rashguard so do not expect now.

So what is the cost or how much is the cost of island hopping in Cebu? If you select 3 islands it will cost your P4000. You can actually haggle it to P3700. Usually there are 2 crew in the boat which is the captain and the assistant. All of them are courteous and will lead you to a good travel.
at this moment, we select mang Joey pamboat and if you are interested his quality service, the number is 0908-6691907.

He also allowed you to rent his snorkling goggle at P100 each. He got 5 so those 5 people can enjoy the snorkling in all the islands. Remember the price of the islands is only P4000 which is an average of 3 islands.

In each islands, there are fish vendor and my wife buy this big sea shell at 200.

Hope you can enjoy your island hopping here in Cebu.

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  1. So where do you stay after having an island hopping there in Olango island?

  2. Thanks for the info.

  3. Pretty good post about "Cebu Island Hotels"! I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts.

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