Now you are engaged. While your fiancée is busy searching for her bridesmaids then you also need to get busy and start contacting your male buddies. Of course, being thoughtful, you need some bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.

Well, your future bride can easily find gifts for her bridesmaids because ladies love cute things. While the future groom, may be not all grooms are good in choosing gifts for the groomsmen and best man, a help is highly needed in looking for unique wedding gifts.

What to give for your groomsmen and best man? This is the first question that will pop up your mind. If you are in their shoes, what shall I love to receive? Of course, you want something valuable and useful to your daily lives.
Here is the Top 5 Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas:

1. Lighter
You can’t assume that all your friends are smokers and you are not encouraging them either. It is just that this can be useful if they are an outdoor type of guy. The lighter can be engraved with his name or initials.

2. Glass Mug
This may seem a very ordinary gift but why don’t you make it extra special? Inscribing a thank you note, their names or initials will make it more thoughtful.

3. Pocket Watch
This is a very rare gift to receive but it is unique, classic and elegant. It can be easily inscribed and it gives you the reminder of a special day. Buy the items in bulk so that you can get extra cash for your honeymoon.

4. Coasters
This is a very versatile groomsmen gift because of its accessibility. It can be personalized by putting a sincere thank you note or a wedding photo.

5. Multi-purpose tool

This is a functional gift that every guy loves. You have to make sure that the tool must be durable from a reliable manufacturer that creates tool with great quality. Don’t embarrass yourself that the receiver will find it broken on the first use.

6. iPod

This is just a bonus and it really depends on your budget.
The groomsmen gifts really depend on the personality of the receiver. You may still opt to give each of your groomsmen a different gift so it is not really necessary to give them all the same.

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