The view in the long sandbar of Pandanon island is top 10 summer getaway away ideas in Cebu Philippines. It is 1 hour boat ride and 30 minutes ride from Cebu. If you are coming here with more than 10 friends better to rent a van so that they will wait for you until you return from island hopping. Van for Cebu City pick and deliver will cost only 1500 to 2000 depending on number of passengers and location of pick up and deliver. Dial 0920 2449658 for the van for rent.

If you find your kids bored in the house or need of relaxation during due to long school days, bring them here and let them stay on the water of Pandanon island for the whole day. Summer getaway Philippines Cebu

The view of the main island from the sandbar

This is the boat the you will rent going there. Again 3000 only if you call me because i already settle to a captain of the boat. If you arrange with them earlier like morning or confirm right away then they will give you to 3ooo per day. Summer getaway in Philippines Cebu

Local in Pandanon island fishing at the heat of the sun manually.

Summer Getaway Philippiines

A 6 years old pupils can walk alone in the Pandanon sandbar

Summer Getaway Philippiines

How many passenger can a boat load going to pandanon island or any island for Cebu Hopping?. In a smaller boat, it can carry 20 passengers for 3000 to 4000 per day. But there are 2 size of boat at the same price. The other one is a 30 passenger boat like the first post about island hopping in Cebu.

A friend of mine in theoffice know a captain of the boat and he accet 3000 pesos. If you want to deal with them it should be not the foreign visitors but the local so that price is reasonable. Now ifyou are looking for affordable boat for pandanon island or nalusuan island then call me and i will refer a friend.

Summer Getaway Philippiines

The foreigner call this Paradise island because it is just a small island with less than 100 families.

Most of the people here are visitors like us. Foreigner enjoy the 2 kilometer walk

Summer Getaway Philippiines

This is perfect for a facebook summer picture.

Summer Getaway Philippiines

the only sports facilities you can see here is the beach volleyball. Make sure
you bring sunglasses before participating the game.


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  1. wonderful! i just had my island hopping experience 2 weeks ago.. price is also 3k for 20 persons.. we stopped at 3 islands.. that was totally worth it.. we were able to do snorkeling and feeding some fishes.. it was a great fun to do with family and relatives :)

  2. Nice post!

  3. Hi,

    Amazing Beach .....!! Awesome weather showed .. no one can get bored there awesome ...:)


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