Bantayan Island is probably the best beach in Cebu Island. It is more than 100km North of Cebu and accessible through San Remegio Port.

Usual cost for individual is only P2000 while room prices are ranging from P800 to p1500 depending on the size of our room

Resort Island of Bantayan Town
before you reach the beaches and resorts P50 per motorcycle ride or P150 for whole day rent.

Resort Island of Bantayan Town
Worth Money to Spend in this Resort Island of Bantayan TownThe best in this part is during island hopping you can enjoy for whole day the sand bar of Bantayan island

If you are visiting here with few knowledge of the transportation i can help you with van for rent. This is posted courtesy of our friends in industry the mental coaching webpage. They will help you improve your physical and mental performance and reduce anxiety.

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  1. This is so amazing I love walking on that white sand it must be so exciting. I hope that I could experience to spend a vacation in this Resort Island of Bantayan Town. Thanks:)

    Shiene | resorts palawan

  2. Been to Bantayan already for how many times for me to unwind and forget my problems from the city. I really love everything on it. The beach is so nice with its white sand and the people who are hospitable. Try to visit Boracay too, resorts in Boracay are very affordable, with a very nice ambiance.

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