Is it politics during holiday season? No, it isn’t. It’s a different kind of politics that can help capture the hearts of the Filipinos towards animals in the planet today. As they said, it’s a souvenir from hell because buying certain items on holidays may contribute to the decline of living things that surround you, particularly the so-called “endangered animals.” Such animals bring about the decline of their species because of the polluted surroundings and other cruel living creatures like the human beings. In this reason, the Wildlife Charity Archive (WCA) has launched a guide to ethical shopping. The ethical shopping, which hinders annihilation of the animals in the planet today, concerns the animals in which the WCA is the legal protector that strives hard to protect them from illegal hunting.

Just like crocodile and snakeskin products, these wild animals are often poached resulting from endangered species’ gradual annihilation. All trade products are illegal and the world’s big cats are now under immense pressures of hunting. Tiger-skin rugs and coats are sold worldwide, not knowing that they’re illegal.
Obviously, the illegal hunters are off-limits. They are making accessories to these poor and endangered animals. Though, these souvenirs are taken so openly by rich consumers for their daily fashions in malls. The president or king of the land, whoever he/she is, has to protect the lives of animals. Do you think it is the high time now for all of us, human beings, to spare animals from exploitation?

All of you are the only ones who can answer and assert to that! What do you think?

Comment are very much Welcome

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  1. Of course... not taking care of our environment will be our perdition.

    You got your link (phto blogs PH)! ;-)

  2. Do you think it is the high time now for all of us, human beings, to spare animals from exploitation?>>>

    in fact we're already late. but there's hope for some of them.

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  4. nice post. you got my support on this...

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  5. HI Marvie,

    I will be able work with it on saturday.

  6. wow, we have endangered birds here? cool.

  7. sure, let's exchange links.

    the relationship of humans and animals has always been controversial. those who use animals for medical research, for example, have compelling reasons. and given all the ways that humans are dependent upon animals for life and livelihood, this issue will forever be debated upon.

  8. The photo was of the sun and not the moon, I'll link back but please link my other blog as I have moved already. Salamat!

  9. This is really good post. I am in to animals. I love them, It is not right to have them killed.

  10. I hope that all the people will find a way to take care of the endangered animals. This would be a big lost to society if we continue to have a wide range of animal extinction.

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