Transcentral Highway is a highway created to fasten the
travel between the Cebu City and the town on the other
sides of the Island specially the Asturias, Balamban and Toledo City.
Travel will take only 30 minutes if you use this highway. In some portion
of this highway you will find a small market selling fresh vegetable and corn.
This is not doubt Transcentral is one of the best place in Cebu visitors should visit.

Cebu Mountain Pictures
For unknown reason i find this guy very awkward for he is pulling
his bag against the force of gravity. Transcentral highway has an average
inclination of 50 degrees.

Transcentral Highway in Cebu
The picture of the top of that mountain is a school
known as Safety academy in the Philippines.

Mountain in Cebu
Transcentral is agricultural. You will see in this portion
the source of vegetable in Cebu City.

Highest Mountain in Cebu
This is also a nice place to build your first Cebu's vacation house
like this. Sitting at the top of the mountain overlooking the
lower portion of Cebu

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Mountain Houses in Cebu
Still going up for 20 minutes at the speed of 40km

Nice Place to Visit in Cebu

We though we will stop at the top of the transcentral mountain but
the fogs engulfed the area making sight seeing impossible. This is one of the Eco friendly
place in Cebu Province

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