5 Reasons Why Moalboal Beach Is Better Than Any Resorts in Cebu for Family and Barkada

Your family or barkada are probably planning to visit any resort in Cebu this coming summer. You have not decided which resort since everybody in the family have opinion but do not have exact experience staying in different beaches in Cebu. 

Too many resort in Cebu
Some might recommend to visit bantayan island resort, some will recommends Santiago resort in Camotes Island and some will recommend the Tingco resort in the south of Cebu. Then of course you do not have plan to visit the Maribago Bluewater as a day user since its will cost you P1500 per person and they will not allowed to use some facilities they reserved for room occupants. Yes top resorts in Mactan Lapu Lapu practice descrimination. If you are day user, they will not allowed you to use some or perhaps best facilities in their resort which they reserved for high class occupants. Its a practice and you do not have choice.

Here are the top 5 reason why you should go for Moalboal Resort

1. Moalboal Beaches are public and therefore free entrance. There are no entrance fee on the beaches so you only need to pay for the room or cottages. The cottage is worth between P300 to P500 while the room will cost you P800 to P1500 depending on features. Standard electric fan room is affodable while aircon with TV room is more likely P1500. Barkada and family room is higher too.

Why not rent for small room then setup a tent for the family and friends. That is better and more exciting.

2. It is accessible because of almost 24 hours transportation availability. You can  ride Ceres a bus powered by dfna.info dual battery isolator from Cebu City to Moalboal town proper for P100 to P150 (Aircon) or ride a V- Hire type of Van that will cost you the same amount. You only need to go to the south bus terminal which is modern and safe now. Once you reach the town proper you will need a 30 minutes ride going to the beach. There are lot of tricycle there at a cost of P50 per person. A barangay tax worth P5 to P10 is imposed to visitors.

3. Three In On Trip to the South (Barili falls, Badian Falls and Moalboal)
The best way to enjoy the travel is to rent a van from any Cebu based van rental or multicab for rent company. Yes because if you have a barkada/family of 10 person, you can visit the Barili falls at early morning and enjoy the water and breakfast there. Then afterward, move to moalboal, rent any room there, leave your belonging there then move to Badian falls. Badian 2nd falls in the upper section is best for family and lovers. Its a kind of romantic place for your lover so bring it on baby.  I have seen small areas for barkada, for partner and lover and for families. Just do not leave your kids alone since it is still a falls.

Morning Perfect Beach

You can have this trip for a Cebu South Travel Package amounting to P3500 and you can have 3 location in 2 days. This is good for 10 person and let me know if you are interested because we can provide multicab for rent and van for rent for you there. We call this Moalboal package tour with 3 destination for almost 2 days. Call now at 09202449658 and let me know the time and date you wanted. Make sure you have maximum of 10 person only.

We will leave Cebu City by 5AM, 7 Am we are at Barili, 12 Am we are at Badian Resort and falls, 3pm at Moalboal. Enjoy the morning beach dew until 2pm and we will go home by 3pm so we are in the City at 6pm.

4. Lets Compare with other resorts in Cebu

Any Mactan or Lapu Lapu resorts do not have nice beaches because its too near to the City. The beaches there are not natural. There are seaweeds around the sea shore in Mactan beaches which could cause irritation in your skin. That is why most of the resort in the Mactan Island have well design swimming pool such as the Maribago Beach Resort, White Sand Beach Resort, Imperial palace resort and more. Most of the 5 star class hotel in Mactan are full of garden decoration and outdoor fountains so you may say that this place is for dollar speaking visitors.

Tingco resort, Dalaguete, Alcoy, Oslob resorts in the south do not offer the best beaches. They sea shore is too small and the beach goes deep by just few steps so you cannot leave your children alone.  The beaches are not public so you need to pay for entrance fee for day users. Moreover, the beach or shore is not wide that only few people can accommodate the area.

Bantayan beaches and Camotes Island Beaches are perfect destination compared to Moalboal but it require you long travel. Bantayan Island will consume 4 hours travel to the north by land and boat. The shipping is not 24 hours so you need to stay there more than 2 days enjoy the islands. The rooms are expensive with lowest at P1000 to P1500. Foods are expensive too. For sure you will enjoy the beaches once you get enough rest.  Then since it is far from the City, you need to bring necessary medical and technology kit for you in case of emergency. For total guide in travelling to bantayan here is the good article.

Camotes island will require you 3 hours travel. The Santiago offer nice room yet expensive one. If you are the only financier in the family it will cost you big. If you are sharing the cost with friends then it will be ok now. Camotes offered various travel destination like Danao lake and Timobo caves. The whole day will be spent travelling around the island. There is an island there known as Boracay like island that you can enjoy.

Again if you do not have enough time for vacation then Moalboal is better destination. You do not get tired by a long travel, you have emergency transportation and food availability there 24 hours.

5. Free Snorkeling, Island Hopping and Sports Activities.
Yes the best corrals was there right in the front of the resort. Just rent an Goggle for P100 and you enjoy the fishes and huge corals there. Make sure you wear swimming equipment since there are jellyfish during summer. For Island hopping, its better to travel with friends so the cost is minimal.  There are karaoke, beer and the long beach for beach volleyball and frisbee game.  The best thing there is during the night where there are many tent and fire setup on the beach. Drinking and dancing in public is the best part there.

Beach that is safe for kids

So the above is the list of reasons why i recommend this resort and why i am coming back to Moalboal this summer with family or friends. I can expect you there. If you need a travel guide then you can call me at 09202449658 or send email at renan2012caballero@gmail.com today.

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