The most spacious mall in Cebu now is the Park Mall located in the boundary of Mandaue and Cebu City. You can find this just in the front of Cebu International Convention Center and just 5 to 10 minutes from SM Cebu. At the right of this mall is the Cebu Doctor University so you will find a lot of student or guess in this mall wearing white uniform. You will guess that you are near to Hospital. Another opportunity here is the construction of the new IT Park Building for the Inbound call center company in Cebu. It is located in the Mandaue portion of reclamation area so anyone who wanted to have office there will enjoy the ambiance of Cebu

Park MallI love not only the spacious space but also the garden just beside the fast food.

Park Mall Food ChainThis is the fast food portion of the mall which is along the corridor allowing you to see those people eating in other fast food. This is good because you will enjoy the beauties of Cebuana here.

Park Mall GardenThis garden is like you are sitting in the beach.

Inside Park Mall
Inside the Park Mall is the waiting area

SM Grocery in Park MallThe grocery that operates in the Park Mall is this Savemore market of the SM grocery store. Since there are building construction at the right of the mall, it is expected that this will be the next center of business in Cebu specially the booming outbound call centers.

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  1. I remember the first time I came to the Philippines
    and Cebu. There was an ugly half-completed building on the way from the Cebu airport to downtown. It was an obvious eyesore. Now it's Park Mall ! Nicely done and well-designed.

  2. i didnt saw this when i was there last years. emerging night gimiks in cebu.

  3. I am so glad to see the abandoned warehouse was transformed to an awesome mall. Since I arrived last year from abroad, Parkmall became my favorite hang out place with my old friends. However, the security is very particular if you’re bringing a DSLR camera inside the mall. Many are those who were using digitalcams but the security was not strict to that kind of gadgets. If you’re using DSLR, you can't take pictures with out their consent, that's weird. So we rather took pictures outside the mall. Just last Saturday, the sunset was so marvelous so we went to their terrace (rear side of the mall) at the second level where we can get a good capture of the scene. We enjoyed taking photos on the sunset but unfortunately the house detective called our attention of what were doing? My goodness!!! Even taking shots on the scene you have no freedom of capturing the beauty of nature. Mmm, it's such a disgusting security's rule and totally absurd!!!

  4. atay! Bisaya.a pud nimu ug English uy. maypa nag binisaya na lang ka para mas dli pa ulaw.

    bitaw, bogo jud nang mga security guard diha. kung P and S lang na camera kay okay pero kung DSLR gani kay dli pwede...i mean, what the hell are you thinking? both take pictures and both are cameras. why the discrimination?

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  6. I've been to this place. I'd we've spend time in Pear One. Really had a great time on that place.

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  9. Well don't know whats going on but its not a Good way to do this. in my opinion we have to look again about this Pt cruiser

  10. Wow, reallly good parking place guys. I liked it!

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  12. I haven't been to Park Mall, but it is look so good and it is also looks too big. I think it is one of the nicest malls in the Philippines and I love to go there it has beautiful environment. One of these days I will visit this mall in Cebu.

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  14. A great article. Well stated.

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