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Boracay Island Hotels

Boracay Island Hotels is no doubt the best Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. You can find lot of travel agency that offers Boracay Resort Packages.

Boracay Regency Resort
Boracay Regency Resort  is one of the Boracay island tropics resort hotel that you can enjoy your vacation in Philippines.

Regency Resort in Boracay PictureRegency Resort in Boracay is one of the finest Boracay Island Hotels that offer facilities beyond your imagination.

Boracay Cottage Picture
Another known boracay Boracay Island Hotels is the club Panoly resort hotel boracay which also best not only for foreign visitors but local beach loving Filipinos.

Boracay Hotel PicturePhilippine employees specially those working as Philippines virtual assistant regularly visit Boracay Island Hotels. From Cebu, their only cost is about P5,000 each. For this amount, i think the experience is worthy more than the cost of travel.

Picture of Hotel in BoracayBoracay Island Hotels are not expensive in compare to Carribean resort hotel. We use both peso and dollar rate. Since 1 dollar is 47 pesos so you can enjoy the value of your dollar here. The cocomangas hotel beach resort is one of the Boracay Island Hotels offers even special treatment for foreign couple that will spend their honeymoon in this boracay hotel resort.

Regency Resort in Boracay
Regency Resort Hotel in Boracay

You will not only see nice beach resort in Philippines  but also nice and bit "Owwwww" as my office mate describe it.

Boracay Restaurant
Restaurant in Boracay Island Hotels

Some of the Beach Resort in Boracay are
bans beach resort boracay
fridays resort boracay
sea wind resort boracay
club ten beach resort boracay
 seawind resort boracay
paradise bay resort boracay
frendz resort boracay
waling waling resort boracay
panoly resort boracay
5 star resort boracay

Restaurant in Boracay
MO2 Restaurant in Boracay Island Hotels

Boracay Amenities
Hotel and Restaurantin Boracay Island

Boracay Best Resort Picture
Regency entrance as one of the Boracay Island Hotels

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  1. boracay is truly among the best beaches in the world. It's white sand, impressive and luxury hotels, friendly people, hospitable people to visitors are few attributes why local and foreign visitors can't resists to visit boracay while spending here in the Philippines

  2. Thank you for sharing this informative article.

  3. There is no article here just pictures LOL

  4. Boracay is so beautiful. Gorgeous photographs.

  5. Great place and photos indeed! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Hi great article I love your blog Boracay Island is considered as one of the best beaches in the world. It possesses the finest white powdery sand on Earth; In 2010, Boracay Island garnered the most number of votes among tourists worldwide, in the list of The Most Popular Beaches in the World buy land miramar puntarenas costa rica

  7. That is absolutely true. It is the best in Asia.

  8. Great article!!!It is starting now, I can see that more people is buying homes because prices are lower and they are seeing a recovery in the economy

  9. boracay is truly among the best beaches in the world. but instead of barclay u can find all these things at Portugal in Algarve.for more details u can visit this link:

  10. one of the best beaches I have ever been. Not just in the Philippines but through out the world. One of the Best!

  11. Hi

    I read a lot of it. I really like it, all of your photos is beautiful. Boracay is beautiful and paradise.

    Thanks for sharing

    Tanya Gemarin

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  19. Enjoy you 2011 summer at Boracay! Really love the white sand beaches!

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