Riverstone Castle Adventure.

The Riverstone Castle resort was formed in April year 2002 by the Galeos brothers, Edgar and Edsel. Hence it was conceive during Holy week family reunion on a hilly farm of Edgar with foreign national Mr RUne Sande, a Norwegian married to an Argawanon. Triff off by scenery and enjoying the comfort of drinking sprey, Edsel a Civil Engineer contractor sugegsted to develop a family children park.

At this instance, shooting of flawless development ideas were casted. The family agreed to have it develop into an eco-tourism industry. The Riverstone Castle Resort Corporation was formed with Edgars land and Edsel the owner of EG&I Construction Corporation as the developer.

Inside the castle

Await for the Tough Guy

For some adventure challenge

specially this secret passage.

Click here for more pictures of Riverstone Castle. For inquiries please dial 09196-421-8126 or 032-367-7641. You can also inquire for Outbound call center team building activity at riverstonecastle@yahoo.com.ph.

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