Cebu Multicab is the number one transportation in Cebu. It is used both for public and private transportation. A pick up type multicab is suited for business while a close ban like this if for your family.

For sale Multicab inquiries in Cebu.. dial  
0929-870-0149 or email at
Closed Multicab Van in Cebu

Cheap Multicab On Sale in Cebu

Susuki Multicab, Scrum, cat-eye 12 valves, 5th speed, 2WD, rear engine, newly upholstered, with tint and aircon. Aluminum rims. Unit Price: P165,000.00.

Note: If 4WD add 5,000. If power steering add also 5,000.00
0929-870-0149 or email at

For Sale Multicab

Multicab started to roll in Manila near SM Mall of Asia about 3 years ago. In compare to jeepney style in Manila, the Cebu used multicab both  public and private transportation.
0929-870-0149 or email at

Pick Up multicab

Susuki Pick Up multicab, scrum, cat eye, 12 valves, 4th speed, 2WD, front engine, newly upholstered, ordinary tires #12. Unite Prices = P120,000. Note: If 4wd, add 10,000 from original price. If aluminum rims, add 11,000 from original unite price.

Multicab Cebu On Sale

Double Cab - Multicab

Suzuki, scrum, cat eye, 12 values, 4th speed, 2wd, rear engine, newly, upholstered, with tint and aircon. Aluminum rims, double cab. Unit Price = 180,000.

PUJ - Multicab

Susuki, scrum, cat eye, 12 valves, 2WD, 4th speed with fog lamps and side antennas, 8 seaters, modified front seats, newly uphostered, aluminum rims. Price P200,000
For sale Multicab inquiries in Cebu.. dial  
0929-870-0149 or email at

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  1. just dial 0902449658 for inquiry

  2. Sorry the correct number is 09202449658

  3. If you want 4x4 then you add P5000
    If you want the multicab set up to power steering add P5000

  4. pls post your requirements and terms of payment if availed thru installment basis...thank you!

  5. kong utang ang utangon ang unit, pila man ang downpayment? then kng 3 months ra ang pag full paid pila man ang kada buwan ani?

  6. sir im interested to buy ur unit multicab van kana wyt 4 spd 4 wl drve, f utang pila ma ang down payment 4 1 yr or 2 yrs??

  7. are these still available?

  8. naa ba pasenger type

  9. Hi sir jobs!

    Pila man advertisement fee nimo ani sir? Naa man koy kaila gud nga gusto xa mo advertise sa akong blog sama ra gud ani imo sir? Thank you... ^^

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  11. This are really cheap Cabs. Nice post.

  12. The black colored van is good. Nice.

  13. I enjoy riding in the multicabs, trikes and jeepneys. I will not ride in Vhires or allow my family members too, the reason you are putting 19 people into a vehicle the size of my wifes mini van that is safely made to hold 7. I will ride in Vhires when you take out one row of seats and the fold down seat. The is the configuration of what the Vhires hold. 3 people in the front if it is a bench seat. The rest of the van should have 3 rows of three seats. The reason I am not that tall and your people are getting taller. You need more leg room.
    How the Vhires are configured now if you get in an accident there is no way for people to get out because they are packed like sardines.
    I will tell you right now the multicab and jeepneys need to have a 20% reduction in capacity in the back you need to reduce the number by two people on each row in the back part of the multi cab. No one should be riding on top of each other or again being squeezed in like sardines. See what you can do about this circumstance.

  14. sir, dwat mo ug trade in?duna ko pick up style then f mka ford ko ako trade in.thanks

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  19. Do you do the modern shaped multicabs too?

  20. Would love to have one soon. I love what you're doing - sharing something worth to visit. Keep it up!

  21. Hi, im looking for brand new, simple and affordable passenger type multicab for family use. Hope you can help me. Thanks.


  22. naa bay automatic ani? tnx

  23. ask lang unta ko if naa ka multicab nga double cab pick up nga 4wd aircon with alu rims.. pls Pm sa sa price..

  24. asa ta maka kita sa picture sa inyo mga passenger type nga multicab?pla sad ang price?pls pm sa

  25. how much is your much is your multicab?

  26. how much is this?then where is the place, thanks for sharing this one.

  27. how much would this be?looks cool.

  28. Looks very different and new. How much does it cost?

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  29. Nice cabs..They are really cheap..

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