The Riverstone Castle Resort can be found in Cantig-a Jomgao, Argao Cebu. It is actually 3 hours travel from Cebu City. If you have your vehicle, get ready with your P500 worth gasoline and your swimsuit for enjoyment with their well design pool.

The Riverstone Castle was biult at the great expense and well decorated with all rocks from Argao River and all wood "Tugas and Balayong". The Riverstone Castle architecture is brilliantly patterned from enchanting European castles tropically designed in the middle ages that grows a wealthy trade since it is an eco tourism and second to none in the Philippines. In short the first Philippine Castle pattern after Medieval Europe.

Inside you will be greeted by the Prince and Princess

The Riverstone Castle Murder Wall

The Riverstone Castle Reception. P40 for old and P20 for young. Free for 5 years old below.

This is the underground Riverstone Castle restaurant. Tough man usually have drinking session here while the ladies dance from the top of the table.

From this underground castle restaurant, you have the choice to go to the top recepcion using this scary passage.

In this area you will find Juliet always waiting for Romeo
The main reception is ready to serve for those visitors who are scared of the underground restaurant. This is for noble visitors so i prepared the underground restaurant. LOL

This is a nice garden inside but behind this garden is.....

The Riverstone Castle Jail. Do not make any crime and you will sleep here.

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  1. wow.. ganda ng place.....

  2. yes, it's a very nice place to visit.
    but, I would like to clarify the travel duration, it's less than 3 hours.

  3. You are correct, it may be 2 hours from the City if you are using private vehicles.

  4. lay mas cheaper nga room

  5. Really nice, Cebu just have a lot to offer.

  6. Nice, I've never been their. Thanks for sharing this post. I have some new destination on my list now.

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