Talisay City have been contested before as not qualified to become City. The preposition use in the contest is the local government income and the population. The pictures below will tell you if Talisay should be City or not. However, since i have been many places in Philippines, i do recognized its city hood.

transportation in Talisay City

The local transportation in the City are tricycle only. That is why sometime i call it, tricycle City. At night this is the venue for night market where your favorite ukay ukay can be found.

This is main market street. During Saturnday and Sunday, this place is like Divisoria.

Talisay Street Market in Tabunok

This is the main road in Talisay City. It is called Tabunok. A 2 kilometers highway that house various business like Gaisano Mall, Hardware, Mc Donald, Motocycle stores etc.

The foot of the overpass. In front is the St. Joseph Church. This street experience traffic during office and school hours.

Traditional Sports in Talisay City

Common Talisaynon enjoying their primitive way of playing volleyball. The regular ball is red and the size of the ball is only 75% of the regular size. Everyday you will find them at the back of Gaisano South.

HT Precision Diagnostic Center in Talisay - Tabunok

The lone medical diagnostic clinic in Tabunok. The HP Precision Center

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  1. namimisss ko tuloy ang pinas...di pako nakakapunta ng cebu, pag uwi ko try kong mapasyalan ang ganda ng cebu.;)

  2. Explain pahihug bi kung asa ug unsa ning overpass. Gapuyo man god ko kaniato kitty-corner sa St. Joseph Church. I also got married there in the early 70's. Asa man ani ang simbahan?


    kaning overpass naa jud n s tunga, i mean s karAan nga kaRsada lyk atubangan s GENERAL MILLING before pdng sa siudad, dba usa rman ang dalan gkan s minglanilla mao nana dha centro s tbunok naanai overpass. Kung kana imo ingon nga ngpuyo ka b4 sa kitty-corner murag wla npod ko nakahnumdum ana pwo kung imo psabot ang victoria village kilid simbahan kai sambagan or daruhan naai st.jude skul dha b4! nya kilid simbahan naai ALIVO lumber atbang simbahan naai manghilot kalimot pd ko s nym! ang overpas ngsugod s MART building pgsauna ug s atubangan s tabunok market hang2d pdng s statiE sinehan ku2b s skul n Mam Alpapara f kaila ka!

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  5. I've visited this place, they usually have some sale on clothes "Ukay-Ukay". Really fun!

  6. this place is really crowded but you'll surely be thankful we got a lot of tricycles, because they can take us to where we need to go. Better than walking.

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