This public hospital become the sunctuary for less fortunate Cebuanos. Most capable families in Cebu do not bring they patient in public hospital due to services their are providing. Well known hospitals in Cebu are Chong Hua and Cebu Doctors Hospital.

The controversial Cebu City Medical Center. They are in the media spotlight last year because of the youtube video about the operation of certain patient which is consider as unethical and unprofessional.

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  1. aight. i certainly recall that medical center. bad practice.

  2. Even the City Mayor is disappointed with this Hospital for their administration are poorly managed. The mayor want to privatized this institution but there are no buyer willing to risk with this kind of service.

  3. di ko pa to nakikita. dami mong mga unusual feature. nga pala nandiyan ako next week nov 25.

  4. I think CCMC is not the hospital that has an issue over ethics after a controversial video was uploaded on Youtube. That would be so unfair for CCMC.

  5. Pls clarify your post. CCMC was not involved on such video scandal.

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