Pardo Public Market

Pardo Groto

Pardo Tower

Pardo Church Watch Tower

Cebu Pictures are provided by our friends in inbound call center located in Cebu City.

Inside the church

Pardo Main Church

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  1. nindot ng church bai. (tama ba?) dami talaga maganda church sa cebu.

  2. the pardo main church has a beautiful facade. first to see it here.

  3. now i would have more idea of how cebu looks like. it's been a long while since i last visited.

    linked you already.

  4. hello sir! thanks for finding my pictures nice. i only used a simple point and shoot camera for those shots. :D

    yes, that's JUST in zambales, nice no?

    btw, teach me how to get to Camotes Island please (from Cebu city). Ang ganda, I saw your post about that.

  5. I'd been to this place way back in 1993. Nice photos here...

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