The owner or the seller of this bird did not allow me to take a shot. He is actually afraid of DENR and other animal concern group. So I am lucky to take picture of the box while he is not looking.

It will cost your P3000 if my memory is right. I do not know if it a nice pet but this one is famous.
The top 5 person that will be able to guess this bird will win a Cellphone load worth P30. So comment now with your cell number.

Comment are very much Welcome


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  1. is it a mynah bird?

  2. hala.. i love birds especially the lovebirds.hehe

  3. Its expensive bird actually

  4. Are they found only on the streets? what birds do they sell?

  5. Nice post, Love the way you share affection to animals.

  6. palit kog usa ka myna nmo ha kanang bata pa....salamat...09162672516 globe...09236000560..sun....dng pahangyua ko ha....

  7. gusto ko mo palit nmo og myna birds usa lng kabook male..pahangyua ko ha salamat....09162672516..globe then 09236000560 sun...

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