I did not able to travel last week because we are all busy with our Christmas party and of course in our website. So I just open my collection and I found this collection of Baguio City Pictures 3 years ago. I believed the pictures deserves to be here since many Cebuanos have visited Baguio City. This is my way for the folks to recall their memory in this pine city or the summer capital of the Philippines. Whewww, I still feel the cold when we get unload from the buses. The cold outside is higher that the aircon bus actually.

Baguio City Church
This Church is like Minglanilla Chuch

Baguio City Picture
From the top of SM Baguio City overlooking unknown university

Baguio City High School
Baguio City High School

Baguio City Main Street

Street of Baguio City
Baguio City Mining Camp

Philex Mining Camp Baguio City

Baguio City Teachers Camp
Teacher's Camp Dining Room

Teachers Camp Facilities

Teacher's Camp
 Strawberry Farm
Strawberry Farm Benguet
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  1. oh baguio! so cool! literally.

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