When it comes to class and quality of mall in Cebu, Ayala Mall is better that SM right now because of this scenic view. You will feel relax and it is found in the heart of Cebu City.

Gaisano Ayala Center

 This portion of Ayala Mall, you can enjoy delicious foods or best drinks while viewing nice surrounding.

 Cebu City Ayala Mall

Then if you are family man, you will enjoy this portion of Cebu City Ayala Mall since kids can play around with free security

 Ayala Mall in Cebu

The main building of the Ayala Mall in Cebu.
You will see the elite's of Cebu taking their lunch in that portions.

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  1. nice mall. it somehow looks like greenbelt 3 and 4 (ayala malls) i was there last wednesday and thursday and was able to take shots too of the mall at day and at night.

  2. simply amazing.../

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  4. Amazing view of Ayala Cebu Center. Very natural way of surroundings. Good to look at.

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