Argao Parish Church

The construction of this beautiful Baroque Rococo Church was becuan in 1734. A year after the parish was established by the Augustinian order and was completed in 1768.

On the bicentenary of her completion specifically from Sept 29, 1987 until Sept 29, 1988, The feast Day of St Michael the Archangel Patron Saint of Argao - the Argawanons, thru the Argao Parish Bicentenary commission headed by Rev. Fr. Jose Cancek parish priest and the steering council headed by Hilario Davide Jr. restored her and her premises to their original beauty and grandeur in gratitude the their forebears who build her. In thanks giving to God for his countless blessing he showered and continues to shower upon them. As an expression of the constancy of their love for our lady and their devotion to their patron saint and protector, and as their spiritual gift to the generation yet to come. The feast day was fittingly climaxed by a pontifical mass with his eminence Ricardo Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu as the main celebrant.

Installed this 29th of Sept in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight


The front of the Argao Church



One of the Oldest Bell

  Inside the Church


They tried to clean it but you can still see how old is the wall

The main Altar


Church Door

Church Tower


St Lorenzo Ruiz ALtar


Bamboo Organ

I do not know if this is prayer room


This is familiar for old Church like this. Looking in this picture, I remember the novels of Jose Rizal

Entrance from the SEA
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Antique Wall

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