The blood compact shrine in Bohol is dedicated to the first friendship treaty between native Filipinos and European. When Miguel Lopez de Legaspi landed in the Island of Bohol he meeted hostility there which resulted to the dead of his  emmissary to the Island.

So he sailed going to south and but brought by the wind to the island of bohol. Along the cost of the island he captured small ship managed by Borneo traders who regularly travel to these group of Island.

Lopez de Lagaspi notice the hostility of the native to the European and later he discover the reason. It is because the Portuguese raided the Moluccas Island . With the help of Borneans, De Laspi able to convinced the native boholano that their purpose is for trade and friendship. Thus the blood compact or friendship ritual happen between to kingdom. Yet we all know the real reason of European settlers is to use the locals as laborer of Spanish Monarchy.

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  1. maganda! hanggang ngayon di pako nakakapunta ng bohol. isa ito sa mga target kong magbakasyon pag balik ko ng pinas.

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