camotes island resort

Affordable White Beach in Camotes

camotes island

Just 3 hours away from Cebu City. This island host one of the best natural beach in Cebu

You can also enjoy island hopping

camotes white beach island

They said the actual entrance is P5 pesos only. You only pay the cottage if you want to have overnight.

camotes resort

Camotes island is a consider as the best place to stay if you are tired for city life.

camotes resort and restaurant

What a lovey crystal clear white beach

camotes beach

Camotes island host some resort and restaurant


camotes island

camotes island

camotes island

camotes island

camotes island

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  1. Sir jobette? magkano papuntang Camotes Island? saan kayo resort nag stay? how much??? ke magtigom ko for next year. hehehe

  2. maganda ang lugar!..teka tamang tama ito kung magbabakasyon ako..

  3. CAMOTES = RELAX. ^_^

  4. Wow! These are really great images, really inspiring and inviting. Honestly, I never knew that Camotes could be this breathe taking. Definitely will arrange travel plans for go there next summer.

  5. maayo unta makauli nako sa camotis kay gimingaw nko sa amoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kung gikan t s leyte..asa manta sakay padung camotes.....

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