This resort is small and peaceful. There is a children pool and adults pool

This is the room available for family and lovers.

This is for adult swimming pool only. It is 6 ft deep.

This one is for your 5 years old below

Spacious children's playground

Villa Ramelyn is a resort that is family oriented. The entrance fee is P75 pesos.

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  1. contact number pls!

  2. I can see in all of the picture that you post that it is a great place to relax. I think I need to visit that place.

  3. Wow! This is a great place to bring the family for some bonding time and relaxation.

  4. Lovely pictures, awesome these are looking so funny interesting but professional and artistic pics.

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  5. Beautiful and Lovely views here on this resort. Cebu Island has lots of islands to visit. Just like in Davao City where you can also see beautiful beach resorts.

  6. uhhmmm hello.... :0 i wanted to know if how much are your rooms costing?? and if we stay and overnight there how much would we pay???

  7. unsa inyo telephone number???
    we need to ask more info about your resort..mag outing man gud me dis coming please give it to me your number,,

  8. contact number & entrance fee for children below 3 years old...

    corkage fee?


    check in & check out?

  9. can i have ur contact no. plz?

  10. I haven't gone to this place. I was planning to. Perhaps next month.

    I'm from Davao and when I went to Cebu I really was mesmerized with the countless of lovely beach resorts like Villa Ramelyn Resort. In Davao we have Pearl farm, Mergrande Ocean Resort, Paradise Island, and some resorts in Talikud island.

  11. hi..pls send me ur contact number.we will be going to ur resort this next week.tnx!

  12. can we see more pix??

  13. how much ang cottage?

  14. contact no. please!!

  15. may i have your cOntact number..asap..

  16. may i have your contact number?

  17. wanted to know how much the apartment?and r u accepting any credit cards?pls asap ty


  19. if mag commute rah me, how can we get to this place from south bus terminal?

  20. pwede mo ask sa contact num. ninyo...because were planning to go in your resort...

  21. contact number ??

  22. contact # plz..

  23. contact number please?

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