Resort name: Nalusuan Island
Population: Hotel Staff Lives In This Island
Facilities: Swimming pool, Pier, and the beach is full of coral and picture perfect white sand.
Accommodation: Cottages Available for Tourists
Diving: A/B
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 40~60mins from Maribago(11.2~14.5km)
Attraction: Fish Sanctuary, Cottages, Restaurant
Comments: Good to Visit with Family.
Resort Entrance Fee: landing fee PHP 180.00, Snorkeling+Landing P200,
Diving only=PhP200.-(9/09)
Regulation: Drink carry-on prohibition.
For Inquiries: KI Marine Sports Center,
Address:Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City, Philippi...nes
Tel: 063-32-415-5303, 236-3379(Tel/Fax)
Maribago Office: 063-32-238-6778 c/o Jerry

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  1. Wow. Lovely views at this beach. I'm from Davao and there are also lovely Davao beach resorts there. I've been staying in Cebu for three years and currently staying now in Mactan. I'm still trying to visit and explore the many beautiful beaches in Cebu.

    Nice post and lovely blog. Keep it up and more Power!

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