On the way to Lake Danao - You will only see plain and lot of useless farm. Hope the Department of Agriculture helps this island.

This is 1 hour float for only P150. We enjoy the stay yet too bad we did not bring our foods.

Me coming from 3o minutes boating from this about 1 to 2 km wide Lake Danao

The main entrance of Lake Danao.

The famous Lake Danao docking area. This is re enactment of the introduction of certain movie maker when i child jump to the lake from the same structure. Too bad we did not jump. We feel that the lake has Crocodile.

Going to Lake Danao is not perfect due to this torturing roads.
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You can actually catch fish or do fishing on the side of the lake then have it cooked by the people in the park P150 per kilo. Villagers of the area was told by their forefathers that this place were used to be full of crocodiles not until they were hunted and sold in Mindanao to produce bags, shoes, and belts out of crocodile skin.

Behind are some fishes best for catching.

The best thing that you should not leave the place without posing at this single mini docking station of the sakanaw(balsa).

This is a balsa maintained by a private owner, a villager nearby. You can rent this for only P25.00 per head per hour. This is quite cheaper but the thing is it cannot travel around the whole lake area for it was just being controlled by a rope for they are not allowed to use motor.
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It contains fresh water and still is abundant with fishes.
And this is the sakanaw or balsa that u can use to tour around the lake for a fee of P500.00 maximum of 20 persons. This is being maintained by the local government.

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