The Timubo Cave in Camotes Island is one of the fresh water cave in the Camotes Island where visitors is allowed to swim. It took us about 30 minutes driving from the San Francisco Town in Camotes.

Lucky too many people and motorcycles are going there so you will not miss any path to this area. The road is not concrete so be ready. Visit Camotes Island now and enjoy the summer.

This is the road to Timubo cave so you need to drive slowly.

The main entrance of this cave with sign P15 per head. No need for spotlight for there are lighting inside.

Even so there are lights, still scary. Yet no worry for there are many people come and go inside. I

It is so deep and may be about 3 to 4 floors deep.

Water passage where kids get scared

The mighty korean ladies swim on this cave. They are only 2 and no interpreter.

You will enjoy this experience even you spend thousand of pesos like me hahahah. Well again through the help of my friends in best scented candles. The provider of homemade scented candles in various states.

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