Abaniko Beach Resort in Sta Fe is one of the cleanest and Affordable Room in Bantayan Island. Imagine this kind of room at P800 per day only.

The room above is beach front which is good for couple.

The room is owned by a couple. A filipina and his German husband

This cottage and table is so good at night during drinking and night fire.

The room where we stay, It has its own Aircon, CR, cabinets and electricity.

They have mini gym where you can exercise in the morning

Billard table

Yoga Bed

Family Room

Sink and extra comport room

More family room

(Courtesy of our friend in industry specially the pet containment system as well as invisible fence for any kind of house pet)

This is just besides placid resort

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  1. What a great space. So casual and relaxed! It looks so inviting and comfortable.

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