Harbor View Resort in Camotes Island is one of the best resort to stay in Camotes Island. It is 10 minutes away from San Francisco Town Proper and 30 minutes away from Santiago Bay. Harbor View is one of the non busy ambiance resort in Camotes. It was like semi private resort since it accommodates less than 50 people. If you arrive from Consuelo Port, you need to travel 30 to 40 minutes going to this resort. But if you arrive from Poro Port, then it will be 5 minutes only. That is why it is called harbor resort. It face the Poro Pier. This resort have their own service so you can arrange with them the pick up schedule.

Sea side view of the resort fronting the other town.

Its relaxing for you will enjoy the morning sunrise.
Their unfinished swimming pool but you can enjoy the crystal clear water
This is family room in worth P1200 per day. No Aircon but there is typical fan
You can enjoy electricity and personal CR

Cottage are free to use if you occupy the room.

The activity center where you can enjoy Karaoke

One of the affordable Non Aircon Room in Camotes worth P750 per day here at Harbor View. This is good for two and can add one more bed if you have more than 2 company.

This is the cheapest room worth P400 per day. Good for lover because it can accomodate 2 person only.

Family Room resort overlooking the San Francisco bay

One of the resort's affordable family room
Nipa hut cottage
Seaside table

Ambiance of the the resort in the morning.

Harbor View Resort
South Poblacion San Francisco Camotes Island Cebu
0918 2372282, 09182372283, 09217782596

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  1. Great photos and looks like a good resort to stop at for a few days. Bit on the basic for accommodation but then again if travelling around ideal as it keeps costs down.

  2. Danao and Camotes Island looks idyllic! Must visit it some time :)

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