San Francisco Town is one of the 3 towns in the Island of Camotes in Cebu. It is 30 minutes travel from the Pier while 2 hours sea travel from the Mainland Cebu. From Cebu City it will take 1 hours to reach Danao port. Camotes Island is home of one of the best beach in Cebu.

San Francisco Central Elementary School

The road to Danao Lake, San Franciso Camotes. No worries other road to camotes island is concrete.

The loan Caltex Gasoline in San Francisco. The price per liters is expensive. Its P63 if I am correct. a P500 worth of gasoline is enough to circumnavigate Camotes Island

San Francisco Town Market is a reclaimed area. Here you can see the habal habal transportation famous in any part of Cebu.

Every weekend, the town celebrate a Tiange type of market
(Post made is through the effort of our freind in the industry known as battery isolator and marine battery switch)

Main San Francisco Town Center. The road is small and good for 2 car or vehicles only. The street are clean and you will find less local in the street for they are busy people.

The main crossing which tell you where you can go.

A modern house in San Franciso Town. There are actually cheap rooms for rent in this town with the prices ranging from P600 to P1000 pesos. We spent P600 for a night with aircon and CR room. You can use all facilities available like bahay kubo and electricity. Free biking pa. So if you are working in an outsourcing company offering call center services this is the right place to relax and enjoy your summer of weekend. I strongly recommends this island for call center agents.

A century old houses in San Francisco Cebu

Well design bay walk in San Francisco Town

Municipal Building where you can ask for map of camotes island so you will not missed any road. You can also ask for affordable room for rent in Camotes located besides beach and it is 30 to 40 minutes away from the Santiago Bay Resort.

Affordable room for rent in Camotes or San Francisco Town. This is just 30 minutes ride going to Santiago Bay where you can visit the mangodlong rock resort, Santiago bay resort, a much further and magnificent bukilat cave and other resorts. From here you can also start traveling to Tinubo Cave for P100 pesos per Habal Habal destination. Now if you are interested to visit here, I have a post on how to visit to camotes island?

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